25 thoughts on “Hack Facebook Accounts : Download Facebook Account Hacker With No Survey

  1. Damn how do make this software man ..
    This software makes possible to Hack Facebook account.
    thanks for sharing keep doing BH works buddy :)

    • i love hacking to get my revenge

    • Amber

      I would just like to know how do you guys make such awesome software.
      Thanks guys to keep sharing in free!!

  2. jhony

    It works perfectly

    • aasha

      I got download the .txt file and gives all the details !! <3

      • Pyra

        yes it allow me to download .txt file containing the victim details :) :)
        I hacked 2 accounts of my ex :P
        thanks mate for the share

  3. Syra

    I have completed the whole process …. then finally got those value which I looking for.

  4. sahar

    great job, it’s working

    • hey friend, thanks for sharing it works for me….!

  5. Jack

    I follow all he instructions and now I hacked almost 11 accounts :P

  6. Syed Raza Ali

    Just downloaded login details.

  7. its workin. Thanks buddy

  8. king

    halo boss,it a great new that i hacked fb account on my owen for.i like to lead more on hacking but i need your help.can u help me.

  9. haha

    This online Facebook hacking tool is so amazing. I have used it to hack 6 Facebook passwords. Really awesome. Thanks!

  10. Wow! Fantastic! This online hacking tool realy works and also is easy to use to hack a Facebook password.

  11. kev

    Thank you very much for offering this awesome online hacking service.

  12. Noushan

    Hi! is this real….i want to know who my daughter is chatting with in facebook since she is only 14 yrs old. I do not have a facebook but i know her username but not the password. And do I need to use google chrome as well. Do I need to have my own facebook account.

  13. shashank

    Amazing tool 100% working

  14. sharozali

    You solve my problem. thank you Hackers :) :*

  15. Super-cool hacking! I hack my brother face account , now i hacking now ^_^

  16. .....

    It Works Perfectly but secure server hah
    It take my test of 2 minutes .
    really awesome tool

  17. Muhammad Shahid Shilon Rehman

    Its all right process but in the finishing details to know their info text then before downloading the secure server take my little test and then finally I got the detail….
    you are best hacker ever
    thanks Sir

  18. AllenLoves14

    Finally I got the detail from super secured server :)
    I’m enjoying lot bro

  19. jaa

    it works here wow !!! :) :)

  20. raju

    yuppiieeee,,,,,,, I download victim login detail from secured server
    Thanks a lot man

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